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Newest Myspace Backgrounds
Mailman Dog Revenge Myspace Graphics

Mailman Dog Revenge

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So Serious Myspace Graphics

So Serious

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You are fabulous Myspace Graphics

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Pumpkin Background

In anticipation of Halloween, we've uploaded a myspace background featuring a royalty free image of a nice big pumpkin! It's surrounded by other fruits and fall items that will help bring some Halloween festivity to your myspace profile. We've also uploaded a bunch of other fruit backgrounds and some animal backgrounds! You should definitely check out the myspace background with baby ducks in it! They are super cute!


Pink Backgrounds

Many of you have been asking why we don't have simple solid colored backgrounds. We usually send you a nice reply telling you it's possible to make a background of any color you want very easily! Let's say I wanted to pick one of the many pink backgrounds available on the internet as an example. You could pick any shade of pink you want but this one happens to be one of my favorites and it's a smaller file size, making it great for a background for my profile. I'd simply enter the link to that image in the BAMF Background Generator. I'd tile it so it spans continuously across my background. That's all there is to it! Be sure to add your background to BAMF when you're done!


We Need Your Help!

We can't thank you guys enough for uploading all of these amazing myspace backgrounds! Because you guys are so awesome, we must implore you to help us with new ideas for BAMF Backgrounds! We know you have them, and we want to hear them! Please use the new contact page to let us know what we can do to make this the best Myspace Background site on the web. We'll honestly consider any suggestion. Even if you don't have a new idea for BAMF, please feel free to send us a friendly hello, or let us know what's kept you coming back to BAMF!


Beach Backgrounds

You guys rock! Seriously, we're very impressed with the amazing Beach Backgrounds you all have been uploading. Please keep them coming!


Best Myspace Backgrounds

A lot of you have been uploading some really awesome myspace backgrounds. We are quickly becoming the #1 site for myspace backgrounds on the web. You can find hundreds of myspace backgrounds by using the navigation on the left. Our Myspace Background Generator lets you customize the background look you want on your myspace profile. Lately we have been focusing on cartoon myspace backgrounds, but we constantly add more myspace backgrounds than any other site so make sure you check back daily!


New Myspace Backgrounds

We've spent the past week adding a lot of random myspace backgrounds. We've added scenic myspace backgrounds, girly myspace backgrounds, candy myspace backgrounds, cartoon myspace backgrounds, music myspace backgrounds, and some nature myspace backgrounds. If you want to help us make this the best myspace backgrounds site please take a second and upload any cool pictures you have as backgrounds. You can use the link on the top left that says Add a Background. Thanks!


Candy Myspace Backgrounds

Today we are adding a lot of Cartoon Myspace Backgrounds because we've had quite a few requests for them. We are also putting in some extra effort to get our Candy Myspace Background section some additional content. Be sure to check out all our other myspace backgrounds and check back frequently because we're always adding new stuff! If you have a cool myspace background and would like to contribute to the site please upload your myspace background here! We're working hard to make this the best site for bamf layouts, bamf backgrounds, and bamf myspace stuff!


Wow so many backgrounds!

We've been getting a lot of compliments on our Cherry Blossom Myspace Background so if you haven't seen it already be sure to take a look! Our Skulls Myspace Backgrounds are also very popular! All of our flower myspace backgrounds such as tulip myspace backgrounds, roses myspace backgrounds, and flower myspace backgrounds, can be found in our Nature Myspace Backgrounds section. We've had a lot of compliments on our flower backgrounds so be sure to check them out if you haven't already!


Animal Myspace Backgrounds

Today we added a bunch of Animal Myspace Backgrounds to the site! We also added a bunch of really cute Music Myspace Backgrounds so be sure to take a look!


15 New Myspace Backgrounds

Today we added 15 new Myspace Backgrounds! My favorite is the Disney's Walle Background. We also added a bunch of Nature Myspace Backgrounds and Pattern Myspace Backgrounds so check them out!


New Updates

We just added a ton of new Myspace Background categories be sure to check all of them out! Next we are adding images and graphics section, they will have in them: celebrity pictures, glitter images, Comics, emo graphics, holiday graphics and tons more. We are also going to put in our Myspace profile editor, where you can make your own regular or skinny Myspace Layouts.


New Backgrounds

We just added a ton of new Myspace Backgrounds to the site! You can browse by section or you can look at all of them here: All Backgrounds. We plan on a ton of new things soon such as: Myspace Graphics, Myspace Codes and Myspace Generators. If you have any suggestions email us at


Site Launch

Horray for the launch of our site! Keep checking back frequently for new Myspace Backgrounds